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The · diary · of · a · very · foolish · Norwegian · woman, · LJ · edition


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So, I joined the university's glee club, properly called the Musical Society. They were so eager by their stand during fresher's week; the guy recruiting people smiled so nicely and told me I could be super helpful even if I didn't want to sing, act or dance at all. So I joined them. It's not like I've got to come to rehearsals if I've got other plans, right?

I've watched a few episodes of Glee. I can be a backup singer; I don't have a great voice, but I have a good ear and I can learn music very easily. I can be like one of the characters who never sing solos but fill in the gaps, right? Right.

Then I got an email from the auditor of the club where he invited everyone - regardless of experience level - to attend the auditions for the club's next project: Cabaret. The musical, you know the one with Liza Minelli? The club is performing that musical in a month or three.

Should I go to that audition? I mean, I've never had anyone assessing my voice before. Ever. I've sung in choirs and I sing in the shower like everyone else, but I don't really know for sure that my voice is good enough to even be a backup singer. I'm kind of curious. It's not like I'll be running home crying if they don't like it.

I guess I just want to know if anyone has any experience with these things. It's a university glee club; it's not like I'll be ridiculed in front of professional musicians. I go in there, I sing a song, they tell me I can have the part of third chorist from left, back row. Right? Or...?

Auditions. Why can't I just stick to the sci-fi/fantasy society and otherwise do my homework?
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On October 8th, 2011 02:10 am (UTC), eve_n_furter commented:
Hi, fellow Norwegian here. Hope you don't mind my intrusion. :) Would you like to discuss fandom in Scandinavian or do you have Norwegian fanworks to share? Perhaps you'd consider joining us over at scandafandom?

We are many Scandinavians here on LJ, but we almost all post and comment in English. I'm contacting you to try to gather us in a strong and lively Scandinavian speaking milieu, where we can get beta readers for fanfics in our mother tongue, squee over Scandinavian events and cons (not just stare in envy at our American friends' posts from AWA...) and so on. See you there?

(How I found you: I searched for Norwegians by hitting "Location: Norway" in my profile. The list is sorted by recent updates and you have posted recently. I then had a look at your profile and journal, saw that you were active in fandom and thought that you would possibly be open for an invitation. I hope I wasn't totally amiss. :)
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